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Flatela can provide you with any language combination; both consecutive and simultaneous translation are available.

All our interpreters are reliable and experienced.

Flatela can take on the organizational commitiments of conference interpreting entirely on its own:

  • selecting the interpreters,
  • providing the equipment: HF transmitters/receivers, booths, and more,
  • installation of equipment,
  • travel and accommodation.

Rates charged depend on:

  • linguistic combination,
  • performance mode: consecutive, simultaneous,
  • the context in which the service is rendered: a corporate meeting, a conference, and so on,
  • the general field/theme approached,
  • availability of resources
  • the nature of the service: whether the translation must be sworn to or not.
Flatela can and will provide you with a quote/estimate as soon as possible. You can click here to submit a project and get a quote. Or, you may choose to phone +239.91 31 26. You may also talk to us in person at the company office.

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